About Us

 The story began late Fall/Winter 1986…

Expecting my second child and with a five yr old (Luke), I was looking for a small farm market/garden venture that would enable me to stay home and still earn some kind of income. I consumed issues of The Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening, Small Farm Journal and the like wondering should it be cut flowers, gourmet vegetables, small fruits or the cooking herbs that were quickly becoming all the rage at that time? Having just finished up with the horticulture program at Suffolk Community Collage, I took that training and began to construct a small 14x24’ hoop house (that seemed HUGE!) to grow the vegetable and herb plants needed for my own large garden space. I thought I could always try to sell the excess plants and recoup some of the costs but I never imagined that the sale of the plants themselves would end up being the heart of the business for the next 30 years! A fateful bus trip to the famed Caprilands herb farm in Coventry CT sealed the deal for herbs. I still remember explaining to my puzzled parents (who supported me nonetheless!) what exactly an “herb farm” was! Well Seth was born on April 14th, our grand opening was May 15th and we were fortunate enough to be featured on the cover of Newsday’s Part Two less than a month later and we were off and RUNNING! There have been very few days since then that we have not welcomed at least a few visitors to our little oasis and their interest and enthusiasm is what has kept me going all of these years.

Cristina Spindler- owner

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