Meet the Peconic River Herb Farm staff

 It truly takes a small village to run a place like this and it’s time they got some recognition:

Rosemary Gandia-is the creative and talented artist behind our cut flower and container garden dept. She is also a veteran of nursery work and many customers still know her from Nissequogue Farm in St. James. Rosemary’s been a valuable staff member here for over 20 years. and she loves it when people walk down to the cut flower garden to check out whats in bloom.You’ll recognize her as the small, light haired woman who's madly clipping everything in sight. Her favorite plants are usually very sophisticated, wispy and subtle shrubs and wildflowers that have zero chance of selling in the nursery!

Dory Hubbs Wallace is a valuble and much appreciated  crew member who is an amazing sign painter. She can meticulously hand letter a huge sign and not have any letters left over! Dory is a strong, smart and patient problem solver who will cheerfully help with any gruesome task-like installing 600’of deer fencing. She can usually be found lovingly tending (by which I mean dragging a hose!) to the herbs, annuals, vegetables and houseplants. Dory is also the only staff member tall enough to close the potting shed windows!  Her favorite plants are the numerous and very large tropical houseplants she determindly fits into every nook and cranny of the tiny house she shares with her tolerant husband Ken.

Juan Reyes is from Guatemala where his family still resides.He is the groundskeeper here all season and its kinda unbelievable that he keeps this entire place so meticulously weeded and trimmed and pruned and STILL looks for work in other peoples yards come Saturday. We continue to be amazed that he wears a button down shirt and khakis every day and is still clean and neat at days end. Juans favorite plants are his HOT but beloved bird peppers, colorful annuals he takes home to plant around his casa, and anything that doesn't arch out and get in the way of his mowing!

Audrey Hesse- a relative youngster who shyly came by for a job and has quickly become a MOST valued member of our team. She is a potting machine and energizer bunny of moving,organizing and most importantly labeling plants. Audrey is also the one I can count on to quickly learn computer tasks like creating signage,sending out a newsletter on a moments notice, etc. Her favorite plants are the edibles, shes known for her stuffed jalapenos and flash fired shishitos and never met a cucuzzi squash too big to cook!

Jessica Bellows/Reyer- Another very gifted creative who can take any of my crazy ideas and patiently make them happen. 90 mini terrariums for a wedding? No sweat! Jess also happens to be my beautiful and multi talented neice. Cheerful, chatty, kind and considerate she is a veteran of public service coming from many years at our other family business, the Hampton Maid in Hampton Bays, which some of you breakfast lovers may recognize her from. Jess is a succulent fan due to the plants tough forgiving nature and ability to survive big fat romping dogs and rowdy active 6 yr olds!

Barbara Donnelly- comes to us with a degree in horticulture from Farmingdale and as a veteran of 11 years at Marders nursery in Bridgehampton where she specialized in estimating and managing complex landscape jobs (and Charlie Marder!). She runs the bookeeping dept. and tries very hard to keep us all organized and under control. Barbara is an extremely reliable dedicated worker and plant lover. Her latest talent is working on several computers simultaneously from remote locations all while babysitting her new grandson. Barbs favorite plants are large trees and shrubs which she can then lollipop into shape and shoehorn into her tiny lot on the bluffs in Rocky Point. Her second favorite plants are those which can withstand her Zone 4(!!) Adirondack garden.

Seth Spindler- (son number #2) is my right hand man and our maintenence manager who is a mechanical and computer whiz. He can fix vehicles, repair buildings or benches, set up or troubleshoot our computers, wireless networks, printers, anything  that doesn’t require digging in the dirt. He trained for a career in audio engineering so we're hoping for some live music in the gardens on weekends or at least a really good sound system in the greenhouse. His favorite plant is the Katsura tree because it smells like cotton candy in the fall!

Mike Spindler- is the carpenter and genius (and my husband) behind all of our incredibly beautiful buildings. He’s been the hardworking force who has literally made my dream come to life. Besides being a Suffolk County Police helicopter pilot for almost 30 yrs Mike is still  happily renovating houses on the side, the latest being an abandoned pineapple farm from 1892 in Florida where he can go to escape the madness of this home business that has engulfed us. He says his favorite plant is cactus.

 Cris Spindler- Small farm entrepeneur, plant and hard goods buyer, webmaster, garden maintenance crew, building dept., horticultural consultant, wedding coordinator, display and merchandising dept., graphic design, and occasional wife and mother -is the tired owner of the above mentioned home business who hopes to be able to balance it all and join Mike occasionally at that pineapple farm.She couldn't possibly name her favorite plant but her favorite child is Luke!